Articles by: Mashoka Maimona

Ferratum’s Finnish formula for success in Canada: winning business mantra, pioneering technology, and the Jorma Principle

Ferratum made its first footprint in Canada in 2015. In three short years, they have served more than 20,000 Canadian clients in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia — and they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

OnDeck’s Success Story in Serving Small Businesses

One of the pioneers in Canada’s fintech lending space, OnDeck fills the financing gap to small businesses such as local hairdressers, restaurants and mom and pop shops – often underserved by the major banks.

Financial Literacy - Smarter Loans

Financial Literacy and Well-Being is a Year-Round Mission for Borrowell

One of the country’s leading fintech innovators, Borrowell is committed to helping their clients better understand their credit health by offering them the option to monitor their credit scores on a monthly basis – the first company in Canada to do so for free. They also provide free educational tools, such as a seven-week email course, to help customers learn and understand what they need to do to improve their score.

Company Capital Small Business Loans - Smarter Loans

Company Capital’s Midas Touch is its Personal Touch

Easy application and turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours means Canadian small business owners can have money in their hands sooner and easier than ever

installment loans explained by magical credit

Installment Loans Explained by Magical Credit

More and more Canadians are turning to installment loans as high-interest payday loans continue to build a bad rap in the alternative financing world. In this feature, Magical Credit explains installment loans, a better alternative to the familiar payday loan.

easyfinancial offers borrowers more than cash – it offers a “second chance”

In a country that owns the bragging rights to having the highest household debt of any G7 nation – and with a glaring need for loan options, personal lender easyfinancial steps in to help those Canadians who have been turned away by big banks.