Working with Smarter Loans

Calling all talented writers, bloggers and influencers to work with us and together help Canadians make smarter financial decisions.

Are you a financial writer, blogger or influencer? If so, we want to work with you! By collaborating with Smarter Loans, you can help Canadians make smarter financial decisions, promote your personal brand or blog and get paid in the process! Read on to find out how it all works. 

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About Smarter Loans

Smarter Loans is Canada’s Loan Directory and a destination for all Canadians to make smarter financial decisions when it comes to borrowing, investing and managing money. Over 40,000 people from all over Canada visit Smarter Loans each month to discover the most innovative financial products available on the market, and the companies behind them.

How We Work With Writers and Contributors 

Education, financial literacy and thought leadership in the financial space is a priority for us, and we produce an abundance of content to fulfil this objective. All our content is educational in nature with the purpose of helping Canadians better understand financial products, get answers to money questions, gain helpful tips and habits, and make informed financial decisions. 

Content Types We Like: 


  • Blog posts and articles
  • Guides, white papers, research studies
  • Videos (for our channel or yours)
  • Social media posts
  • Podcasts and audio content
  • Company and product reviews
  • Helpful tips
  • Send us your content ideas! 

Topics We Write About:


  • Anything to do with personal and commercial finance
  • Investing for various level of experience
  • Saving money and money management
  • Business, including small business, startups and entrepreneurship
  • FinTech and Lending industry
  • Credit and debt help and remedies
  • Mortgages and home ownership
  • Automotive and Trucking sector
  • Farming and Agriculture sector
  • Credit Cards
  • Send us your topic idea today!

We are always looking for people to join our roster of contributors and are open to discussing various methods of collaboration, depending on the individual’s strengths, type of content, industry, social influence, etc.

Benefits Our Writers and Content Partners Receive:

Set up as an author on our website with your picture and bio. We are happy to mention your website, blog, YouTube channel, Twitter handle, a book you wrote or any other promotion you wish to feature in your bio as an author.

All articles you produce that are posted on our site will have your picture and bio at the end, to give you full credit for this content. 

Your article will be featured on on our home page and in our Learning Center. 

Your articles will be promoted externally through Smarter Loans social media channels and other advertising tactics.

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Our writers contribute on a regular basis and we aim to have long term, stable and consistent relationships with all our writers, and give them an opportunity to contribute at least on a monthly basis or more.

As a go-to financial resource for Canadians, our writers are able to establish and grow their personal brands and portfolios on a major publication within the financial, fintech, lending, business, and tech industries.

What We Look For in Our Writers and Our Content Partners:

Writing Ability 

Excellent writing skills is a must. This means you must be fluent in english, have an engaging writing style, good research ability, and motivation! We want to do great things together!

Long Term Partnerships

We are looking for people that can work with us on a consistent basis and become regular contributors to the site. We have a vast variety of topics we can cover.


If you have a personal brand, blog or social media influence through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. We want to collaborate with you further, so that not only are you contributing to our site, but are mentioning us to your audiences as well – through your blog or social channels.


The written content needs to be unique, well researched, yet easy to read and understand. Must be careful with providing correct sources and references. It’s important to review our site in detail and understand what Smarter Loans does completely to ensure that the content you produce is appropriate and fits.

If you feel there is a fit for collaboration, simply reach out to us, let’s discuss the details, and get started.

Please send an e-mail to, and you’ll hear from us shortly. 

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to working together!