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Flexiti Financial offers personal loans and business loans in Canada. Flexiti Financial is a Canadian sales financing company founded in 2013. We help retailers increase their bottom line by providing better sales financing options than a standard credit card, with lower interest rates, longer payment terms and revolving credit. Using a mobile application process and patented ID scanning technology, we provide you with quick, simple and instant Point-of-Sale (POS) financing for your customers. No paperwork, no scanning and mailing, plus you get paid within two business days! Not only can we complete the financing application on any device, anywhere, and provide credit approval within minutes, but we also have higher approval rates and offer your customers flexible payment options at interest rates significantly below current options in the market. This means your customers can purchase what they need, when they need it, and walk out of the store and also save money.

For businesses:

Offer instant financing and boost your bottom line! Sign up for free and a dedicated Flexiti Financial representative will set your store up and train your sales team. Our process involves no paperwork, signing, scanning, faxing or mailing AND you get paid within days! Plus, we’re always happy to help, just call or email.

For consumers:

Financing helps make your big-ticket purchases more affordable by breaking down the cost into monthly payments with a low interest rate. With Flexiti Financial you’ll get instant hassle-free financing that skips the paperwork. No signing, no mailing, no faxing, no stress.

  • # OF CUSTOMERS: OVER 8,500


85 Richmond St. West, Suite 800 Toronto, ON, M5H 2C9
Call Center: Call center hours not
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  • Email Support
Availability: All of Canada

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Avg. Rating: 5.0 (1 review)
Great team!

Very happy with my recent purchase at Friends Furniture and Mattress. The process was so easy and hassle free.

Annabelle Donelly

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