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Capital Advance provides a stress-free financing option for small to medium sized businesses that need an alternative. Get the money you need, with no hidden fees, no collateral, and no surprises. Need cash to purchase inventory, marketing, or to expand your business? Contact them today and see how much funding you qualify for!

  • TIME IN BUSINESS: Since 2020
  • LOANS OFFERED: Merchant Cash Advance, Business Term Loan
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1-866-663-0919 1235 Bay StToronto, ON M5R 3K4
Call Center: Mon-Fri 9AM - 5PM
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Availability: All of Canada, except Quebec

Products Offered

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Conditions & Rates

Rate Starting at 10%

Amount $5,000-$300,000

Term 1-5 Months

Eligibility & Documents

Who is eligible

  • No Start-ups. Operational for at least 90 days
  • Located in Canada. Excluding Quebec
  • Must generate more than $10,000 per month

What you need to provide

  • Drivers License
  • Bank Statements
  • Void Cheque

Repayment & Issuance

How fast can you get the money Under 48 hours

Funding method Direct Deposit

How does repayment work Daily or weekly payments

Articles About Capital Advance

By Jared Lindzon

Jared Lindzon is an experienced journalist, writer and public speaker. He specializes in Business, Technology, Lending and FinTech industries in Canada and abroad. Jared is a regular contributor to Smarter Loans and top tier publications around the World, including Fortune Magazine, Fast Company, the Guardian, Rolling Stone, the Globe and Mail, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Capital Advance

What is Capital Advance?

Capital Advance provides financing for small businesses that need money to purchase inventory, grow or expand.

What does Capital Advance do?

Capital Advance aims to provide stress-free, easy and simple financing options to Canadian businesses.

What does Capital Advance offer?

Capital Advance offers Unsecured Term Loans and Merchant Cash Advance.

What industries does Capital Advance provide financing to?

Capital Advance offers flexible financing solutions for all businesses, such as those in the Salon industry, Retail, Restaurants, Automotive, Skilled Trades and more.

Is Capital Advance safe?

Capital Advance has helped customers like Esso, Swiss Chalet, and Second Cup. They started in 2020 and was made to be as effortless as possible.

How much can I borrow from Capital Advance?

You can borrow anywhere from $5,000 to $300,000 from Capital Advance.

What is the interest rate on a Capital Advance financing?

The interest rate on a Capital Advance financing starts off at 10%.

How long do I have to pay back my loan from Capital Advance?

Capital Advance offers 1-to-5-month term lengths on loans.

How does repayment work?

Once the terms of the agreement have been established then the funds get sent to your bank account, typically within 24 hours of applying and fixed payments will be withdrawn automatically from your bank account.

What is merchant cash advance?

Merchant cash advances allow a business owner to leverage future credit and debit card sales by receiving an advance of those funds as a lump sum. This is then repaid as a percentage of sales until the advance is paid off.

How do I qualify for merchant cash advance from Capital Advance?

In order to qualify for a merchant cash advance the business must be in operation for a minimum of 3 months, generate a minimum of $10,000 per month and accept payment via a POS system. Additionally, they must have a physical location and be Canadian.

How fast will I receive my loan funds?

If approved, you will receive your loan funds within 48 hours directly into your bank account.

Capital Advance Reviews

Avg. Rating: 5.0 (1 review)
Happy with my experience

I've been a client for 6 months now and I am very happy with my experience so far. I was able to get more inventory for the spring summer season because of the financing I got.

Tomas D

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