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Inverite is one of the leading Canadian open-banking and consumer-directed finance providers. They’re also a leader in Canadian Financial Data Aggregation and support over 275 Canadian Financial Institutions. If you’re a personal finance app, online lender, money service business, or company alike then you’ll likely benefit from their technology that connects users’ financial data to your business.


  • TIME IN BUSINESS: Since 2017
  • # OF CUSTOMERS: Over 1M

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Products Offered

Below are all the products offered by this company.

Bank Verification:

Bank Verify:

Their instant bank verification data aggregation service supports an industry leading 280+ Canadian Financial Institutions and is one of the most accurate transaction categorization in the business. Their data set includes profile, account and transaction data.

Risk Score:

Using data from over 500,000 banking reports, Inverite has built machine learning algorithms to make statistical predictions based on patterns detected in millions of individual customer transactions and profile data to help you automate credit decisioning.

ID Verify:

They provide an automated, real-time and secure system for verifying your customer’s age and identity. Regardless of whether you are verifying identity as a KYC, anti-fraud, or regulatory requirement, Inverite’s ID Verify service is a convenient and cost-effective solution.

Key Features:

Aggressively Priced:

  • One of the lowest rates offered in Canada
  • They only charge based on usage – no setup fees, no monthly minimums, no long-term commitments or pre-purchasing credits

Identity and Age Verification: Inverite is the only Canadian provider of 100% browser-based Identity and Age Verification that does not rely on credit bureau checks.


Inverite pricing starts at $0.75 CAD per verification, with volume discounts as low as $0.50 CAD. There are no setup fees, monthly minimums, pre-purchase of credits or long term commitments.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Inverite Verification

What is Inverite?

Inverite is a Canadian designed, developed, and focused real-time bank verification service.

What does Inverite offer?

Inverite offers three major services, Bank Verify, Risk Score, and ID Verify. Bank Verify is their bank verification aggregation service. Risk Score helps you automate credit decisions. ID Verify verifies customer’s age and identity.

How must does Inverite Cost?

Inverite starts at $0.75 CAD with no monthly minimums or setup fees.

Is Inverite safe?

Inverite has been in business for over 3 years and is a proud member of CLA Canadian Lenders Association and Financial Data Exchange. They are the only Canadian provider of 100% browser-based Identity and Age Verification that does not rely on credit bureau checks, and is the leading open-banking provider that provides coverage for over 275 Canadian Financial Institutions.

Who uses Inverite?

Personal finance apps, online lenders, money service businesses, and companies alike benefit from using Inverite’s verification technology.

Does Inverite cost as much as competitors?

Inverite costs $0.75 CAD per request with volume discounts as low as $0.50 CAD

Inverite Verification Reviews

Avg. Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)
Game Changer

Inverite is a game changer, using their data analytics we were able to completely automate our credit decisioning process.

Great For Lenders

We've been with Inverite for several years now and love them. You can tell from their platform that they really understand the lending business and what we need.


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