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Smarter Loans Testimonial – Natalie Bell

Natalie Bell is the Managing Director at Magical Credit, a Toronto based personal loan provider that services all of Canada except Quebec, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Having worked together with Smarter Loans since 2016, we asked Natalie what she thinks about the service Smarter Loans provides to Canadians coast to coast.


Natalie Bell, Magical Credit:

Smarter Loans helps borrowers by allowing them to discover different financial products throughout Canada. There are reviews, opinions, different articles, educational pieces where they can learn about different products that the financial world in Canada offers. By having the seal and stamp of approval Smarter Loans has really brought our business to the next level we trust Smarter Loans and we trust that they are putting the correct lenders on board and we appreciate Smarter Loans and we love Smarter Loans!


Thanks Natalie, we love you too!

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