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We Believe Building Your Credit History Can Be Easy

Our mission is to allow every Canadian the ability to affordably build their credit. We’ve simplified the practice of providing financial resources to people by ensuring a straightforward application and a customer-centric approach that doesn’t involve you having to deal with a grumpy bank-teller. We have created an application that takes less than five minutes to complete online.

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600, Two Bentall Centre 555 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC V7X 1M8
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Availability: Vancouver, British Columbia

Fresh Start Finance Reviews

Avg. Rating: 3.5 (3 reviews)
Worked Great for Me

I applied and was called a couple minutes later. I actually ended up doing most of the application by text message which was super convenient. Got my loan the next day - couldn't be happier with the service. Thx Josh you really made it easy!

Sally Mantel

I went through the initial call with one person. I was applying for a personal loan. I gave my consent to a credit check based on this. I then got put through to a 'senior' credit advisor. It turns out they are basically selling credit rebuild. The loan does not come initially. Its a pay money so they open a line on your bureau. If this had been pointed out initially I would not have consented to a bureau hard hit.

Good Experience

Used them for a personal loan to fix my car. My credit is fairly low, but they took a chance on me. Easy application and overall happy with my experience.

Darren B

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