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4 Pillars, the largest independent full-service debt solutions firm in Canada. 4 Pillars assist Canadian families struggling with the burden of overwhelming debt. Helping reduce their debt and rebuild their financial future by focusing on debtor advocacy, financial education, and financial literacy.

4 Pillars acts as an advocate for the debtor, to find the most effective debt solution based on their long term financial goals and supports them through their debt solution and throughout their financial rehabilitation.

4 Pillars provides unbiased information to those struggling with overwhelming debt which includes a full review of all potential solutions. This gives provides consumers the opportunity to make a fully informed decision, and the ability to confidently commit to their chosen solution.

  • TIME IN BUSINESS: Since 2005
  • # OF CUSTOMERS: Over 50,000
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Products Offered

Below are all the products offered by this company.

Review and Assessment

  • Full review of all options available to manage debt.
  • Financial assessment to determine if insolvency can be avoided.

Solution Selection and Implementation

  • Advocate for a consumer to help obtain the best possible outcome of their chosen debt solution.
  • Work with the consumer to implement the chosen debt solution.
  • Provide comprehensive financial rehabilitation programs.

Education and Unbiased Information

  • Educate and improve the financial literacy of their client.
  • Provide credit rebuilding and credit education programs to reduce the impact on the clients credit rating and help keep them out of debt and to avoid future financial failure.

How Much Does It Cost?

4 Pillars offers a 1 hour free consultation.

Should you proceed with 4 Pillars services this will include budgeting, consulting to design and implement debt solutions, and financial rehabilitation services and estimated cost of $1,500.

Fees will vary depending on the selected services and your unique circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions About 4 Pillars Consulting Group

Why should I use 4 Pillars Consulting Group?

4 Pillars is one of the oldest and largest debt restructuring companies in Canada, in business for over 18 years. They have over 48 offices across Canada, offering highly trained Debt Restructuring Consultants, as well as experts in debt, credit, budgeting, and Financial Literacy. As with most services, there is always the option to do it yourself, but the results are much better when you use a professional who represents your interests throughout the process.

What type of people can 4 Pillars help?

4 Pillars helps both individuals and families of all sizes who: cannot meet their monthly minimum service payments on $10,000 or more of unsecured debt, prefer to avoid bankruptcy, have available cash flow to warrant a repayment schedule (at 0% interest) over a 36 to 48 month period, and hope to relieve stress, reduce debt and take control of their finances. Anyone in one of these situations is in a position for debt restructuring.

How much will it cost to work with 4 Pillars?

4 Pillars offices provide a free 1-hour information session, educating you on available options, how to deal with overwhelming debt, and alternatives to bankruptcy. Further fees are determined by the option you choose and the services you require from 4 Pillars to implement the plan, such as debt restructuring, credit rebuilding or budgeting.

How many people have 4 Pillars helped so far?

4 Pillars has helped over 50,000 Canadians with debt relief since 2005.

What is debt restructuring?

Restructuring can significantly reduce debt and vastly reduce your monthly payments by removing financial pressure. It allows you to repay a debt that once felt unsurmountable.

Will debt restructuring affect my credit rating?

Different restructuring options have different effects on your credit rating. As a general rule, any time you settle your debt at less than 100 cents on the dollar, it will harm your credit rating. 4 Pillars has one of the most comprehensive credit rebuilding programs in Canada, helping you minimize the impact of debt restructuring on your credit rating.

What types of debt does 4 Pillars work with?

4 Pillars work with almost every kind of debt imaginable, including credit card debt, bad loans, leases, mortgages, and more.

What documentation will be required?

When a client files a Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy, full disclosure of their financial situation is required. 4 Pillars will verify all financial holdings, liabilities, income & expenses, as well as investments. It also ensures that all aspects of your situation are thoroughly reviewed.

Can I still use credit while going through restructuring?

Restructuring intends to establish a plan that creates financial stability while preparing you for a future without the burden of debt. It is not recommended using credit or payday loans if you intend to go through debt restructuring.

Why do I have to include all my debts?

All your debts must be included if you are filing under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act as it clearly states ‘a debtor cannot give preferential treatment to their creditors by choosing to include some but not others.’ The process is meant to include all creditors so that they are affected equally by the process.

Do I get to keep any credit cards?

This largely depends on the type of restructuring used. If you file a Bankruptcy, you cannot obtain or have any credit during this process. In other restructuring options, you can keep the credit card if it has a zero balance.

How long until I get my credit rating back?

After choosing to restructure your debt, the most important next step is to rebuild your credit rating. 4 Pillars has one of the most comprehensive credit rebuilding programs in Canada. It is a proven and effective strategy for rebuilding a strong credit score. This program is free to all previous 4 Pillars clients and is HIGHLY recommended. On average, it takes between 1 and 3 years to reach a score of 650 or higher.

4 Pillars Consulting Group Reviews

Avg. Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)
Thank you 4 Pillars

Before signing with 4Pillars my options were pretty slim and quite frankly my trust level in companies like this were very skeptical! I had no faith by this time in getting turned around! In finally getting the courage to talk to someone at 4Pillars I found that I could finally trust someone in helping me get my life turned around and for that, I thank you!!


Hi, my name is Mark and 4 Pillars has helped me a lot with my finances especially my savings account! I am so happy and grateful!


Credit credit credit...it's great to have a high score...but when you have to decide between paying a credit card or putting gas in the car or food on the table!!! Think about that? Sometimes life makes an unexpected turn. Having 4 pillars step in and help, made me realize that I was not setting up a future for me and my child, instead I was paying off the past. Currently I am completely debt free. And have started on a healthy financial future. Thank you 4 Pillars.


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