Max Rositsan

Even though I have a university degree in economics my lifelong passion is travel. I enjoy all aspects of it - planning, researching, processing, and yes even solving inevitable issues. At the same time, I find technology when used right as an invaluable complementary tool that can make any trip better. To this effect, I created just the 2nd independent Canadian travel agency website way back in 1996. It has been a rewarding journey ever since. For any travel related advice reach out to Max at:

Articles by Max Rositsan

 Looking ahead into the Travel Industry 2021

I was in the audience of a virtual Israeli Tourist Board presentation.  To their credit hospitality industry in general and government tourism authorities from around the world, in particular, are doing their best so that we won’t forget how amazing travel is! 

Latest in Travel Tech Trends, from the Consumer Electronics Show 2021

Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the tech industry's largest, most prestigious annual event wrapped up last week. Normally the last sentence would contain the words "in Las Vegas". This year it took place at an 'all digital venue'. Yet, the mood was positive, the speakers were enthusiastic and the participants, optimistic. Numerous new and improved technologies/gadgets/ways...