Jake Victor

Jake Victor is the founder of Life on the Dough. Life on the Dough is a personal finance website that focuses on budgeting, investing, and increasing income streams as ways to manage and improve finances. He has taught over 500 people on freelancing as a way to earn money online.

Articles by Jake Victor

Canada’s Most Popular Digital Bank Accounts Are Here

Most Canadians have at least 1 bank account which they use to save money or to achieve other purposes. You don’t find so many people holding cash anymore. Huge transactions are made via a debit or credit card. Although banking is essential, many Canadians don’t enjoy keeping their money in traditional banks because of the fees involved. So, to help you make better choices with banking and increase your returns, we’ll be looking at Canada’s most popular digital bank accounts for keeping your money safe and increasing your earnings. Click on any of the banks to explore their full profile and start banking.

Why Do You Need a Budget?

Do you receive income monthly but find yourself spending much more than you make? Or do you have no idea about how your money disappears every month? One of the ways to fix this is by creating a budget and sticking with it. It already sounds difficult, but there’s a way to create a budget that doesn’t cause you to change all your habits overnight. Before we look into that, let’s see the reasons why you need to create a budget that works for you.

How to Save Money Fast on a Low Income

Saving money on a normal day isn’t so easy. It is even harder to save when you are living on a low income. But, it is not impossible. In this guide, you’ll see various ways you save money fast on a low income by simply adjusting your lifestyle.

Comparing the Best Ecommerce Platform for Online Stores

Choosing the right e-commerce software from the hundreds available online may be a bit difficult. So, here, we put together a list of the best e-commerce platforms for Canadians who want to create stores online. Click any of the links to get started on a platform.

The ultimate toolkit for anyone who runs a website

Most businesses display their services on the internet. This is where your target audience easily finds you and the services you offer. Setting up a website on your own may seem a bit difficult or even impossible because you have no coding or design knowledge. But, there are various companies with tools that allow you to design your website in a few minutes with no prior knowledge required. Below, we’ve listed the 10 best website service providers in Canada. Click on any tool you like to learn more and start using them.

Simplify Bookkeeping With These Awesome Tools

There are so many accounting tools available online, that it becomes difficult to know the best ones to pick. Choosing a good one will ensure that your business stays on track, as you adjust activities based on profits or losses. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best accounting tools to use for your business.

Investing Tips for 2021 That Many Rich People Follow

If you’re thinking of how to start growing your money by investing, you may not know where to start from and what to do after investing. Whether you’re just getting started with investing or you’ve been doing it for a while, there are various investing tips you can follow to ensure that you’re successful. Here are some of them.