Must Have Tools for Freelancers and Gig Workers

Self-employed individuals and freelancers make up 21.5% of the Canadian population. This means that many people are beginning to leave the 9-5 routine to focus on growing their business. They help other business owners perform services necessary for the growth of their businesses. If you’re a freelancer or you’re planning to get started with freelancing, you need tools to help you take care of other aspects of your career while you focus on work.

The must-have tools for freelancers and gig workers in this guide include tools for finding work, tax management, website services, administrative support, and accounting and bookkeeping. Take a look at the companies and click them to get started right from Smarter Loans.

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Jenna West

Jenna West has built up a list of published work on various global recognized websites like RE/MAX Canada, Freeman Audio Visual Canada and now carries the title of Freelance Content Manager for Smarter Loans. Jenna adds creative value and fresh perspectives on all things finance, especially pertaining to millennials, and has a natural knack for turning a page full of words into a visual reading experience.