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How much can you borrow?


Interest Rate

19.99% – 22.99%



Who is eligible?

You’re a Canadian citizen OR are a Permanent Resident
You’re at least the age of majority in your province or territory
You’ve not declared bankruptcy in the past 7 years
Your annual gross income is at least $60,000 or your household income is at least $100,000
You have read and accepted the Application Disclosure Statement

What do you need to provide?

Complete online application

How long does the application take?

A few minutes

How long does it take to get approved?

Instant approval

How fast can you get the money?

3 – 5 business days

How do you get the money?

Credit card

How do you repay the loan?

Monthly payments

Calculator available?


Origination Fee?

See conditions


See conditions

Early Repayment Penalty?