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How much can you borrow?

$500 – $5,000

Interest Rate

5.75% – 9.9%



Who is eligible?

Income Requirement:
Full time employment – 6 months min. (based on previous history of consistent employment )– in a workplace of 10 or more employees.
Computerized pay stub with deductions.
Earning an average of $18/hour or a minimum of $38,000/yearly.

Credit History:
R9’s, past collections are OK if resolved through counselling, bankruptcy or proposal.
If you have no credit or current or past debts — you would need to consult with one of Prudent’s loan specialists for a loan approval as it will depend on your individual situation

What do you need to provide?

– Current computerized pay stub
– Social insurance number
– Proof of address
– Photo ID
– Void cheque
– Two references, preferably family with names, phone numbers and addresses
– A bank statement.
– If you are using your car to borrow money, please bring your car, ownership, insurance and license.

How long does the application take?

Less than 10 minutes

How long does it take to get approved?

Same day

How fast can you get the money?

Within 24 hours

How do you get the money?

Direct deposit

How do you repay the loan?

Regular automatic bank withdrawals

Calculator available?


Origination Fee?




Early Repayment Penalty?