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CoinSmart is Canada’s top crypto exchange. They offer trading tools for all levels of crypto investors: from the beginners to advanced traders. 100% Canadian banked. 24/7 Support.

Buy the major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash as easily as Altcoins like Ripple, Dash, Monero and more!

  • TIME IN BUSINESS: Since 2018
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1075 Bay St. Toronto, Ontario M5B 2B2 Canada
Call Center: 24/7
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Availability: All of Canada

Products Offered

Below are all the products offered by this company.

How it Works:

Create an Account: Get verified in minutes.

Deposit Funds to your Account: Money is in your account the same day we receive it.

Start Buying and Selling: No more pairing and tethering needed.



SmartTrade: Forget about trading pairs… with one click you can trade from one altcoin to another, without having to trade to Bitcoin or Ethereum first.

SmartInterface: With their easy-to-use and intuitive platform, buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency has never been simpler.

SmartSecurity: 95+% of our coins are kept in industry-leading cold storage wallets, which means they aren’t left online.

Frequently Asked Questions About CoinSmart

What is CoinSmart?

CoinSmart is one of Canada’s top crypto exchanges. They offer trading tools for all levels of crypto investors: from the beginners to advanced traders.

What is CoinSmart's mission?

CoinSmart is on a mission to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. They have changed the landscape by making cryptocurrency accessible to Canadians with all levels of crypto experience.

What does CoinSmart do?

CoinSmart works around the clock to provide a best in class service where you can buy, sell, and learn about the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

Is CoinSmart a Canadian company?

Yes. CoinSmart is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Toronto that caters to Canadian crypto users. CoinSmart has Canadian founders, is a Canadian company, and has Canadian operations.

When is CoinSmart support and customer service available?

Your service is CoinSmart's priority, you can reach them by phone, live chat, or email 24/7, 365 days a year.

What is CoinSmart known for?

CoinSmart is known as the one-stop-shop for your crypto portfolio: buy, sell, and track.

Is CoinSmart safe?

Coinsmart was founded in 2018 and has a Money Service Business (MSB) license that was issued by FINTRAC. FINTRAC is the Canadian government agency that gathers, analyzes, assesses, and discloses financial intelligence. Additionally, Coinsmart has full SSL encryption on their site. This means that all of the communication that you submit on their site as well as your password information cannot be intercepted online.

How much does CoinSmart cost?

CoinSmart shares all of their pricing on their website. Some fees are as follows: 1. Deposit fees: INTERAC E-mail Money Transfer ($100 - $1999) - 1.5% 2. Withdrawal fees: EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) - 1% or $15 3. Trading Fees - .20% for single trade | .40% for double trade

How do I use CoinSmart?

You will need to signup and create an account on the CoinSmart website. They will need your full name, email, and password. Once you have signed up then they will ask you to confirm your account with a link that they send to your email.

What is CoinSmart's Smart Guarantee?

This is essentially a promise by the exchange to process your deposit and verification within a certain period of time. The Smart Guarantee promises to 1. All Deposits will be credited to your account the same day we receive them. 2. All FIAT withdrawal requests are processed within 5 business days. 3. All account verifications are processed on the same day.

Why was CoinSmart founded?

CoinSmart was founded to provide a reliable exchange that was both beginner-friendly and easily accessible to Canadians. CoinSmart is a crypto exchange that offers fast verification, a user-friendly interface, bank-grade security, and many options for funding in Canadian dollars.

Does CoinSmart have a mobile app?

CoinSmart's mobile app is coming soon for both iOS and for Android. In the meantime, their website is fully functional through a mobile browser. They recommend using Google Chrome to access the platform on a mobile device.

CoinSmart Reviews

Avg. Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)
Easy and safe

Benn using CoinSmart for over a year now and have never had an issue.


I have been buying crypto on CoinBase for a few months. They have fair rates and great service


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