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Installment Loans on the Rise as Payday Loan Rules Tighten

In early May, Toronto was the latest of a host of municipalities to crack down on payday lenders. They imposed bylaws to restrict business activities by limiting the number of physical locations and requiring operators to be licensed. Meanwhile, the Ontario government had already decreased the cost of a payday loan from $21 to $15 this year.

Making the Holidays Magical

The holiday season creates pressure to spend—but many people find themselves short of cash. Either way, the children still need their prezzies and people still want to make the holidays a special time for their families. With flexible short term loans, Magical Credit gives Canadians a better financial option to get through the spending-heavy holiday season.

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Magical Credit’s New Product Helps High Risk Borrowers Build Back Their Credit

Magical Credit, the short term lender known for helping its customers get out of the payday loan cycle through manageable low monthly payments, has added a new product to its offering for those farthest in the deep-end.

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Subprime Loans Leading the Fintech Revolution

There’s no magic behind the success of Toronto-based subprime lender Magical Credit. Rather its rise is largely tied to advent of what’s referred to as the fintech revolution. The upstart financial company has quickly established a niche in the Canada’s lending marketplace as online provider of medium-term, fixed loans to Canadians in a cash flow crunch often with nowhere else to turn.

installment loans explained by magical credit

Installment Loans Explained by Magical Credit

More and more Canadians are turning to installment loans as high-interest payday loans continue to build a bad rap in the alternative financing world. In this feature, Magical Credit explains installment loans, a better alternative to the familiar payday loan.

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Magical Credit Makes the Hectic Holiday Season a Little Easier

Unlike other Canadian lenders, Magical Credit does not make applicants jump through an unsightly amount of hoops in order to be approved for a simple quick cash loan. When it comes to the holiday season, this difference is paramount for consumers with apparent bad credit.

Magical Credit Helps Canadians Break the Payday Loan Cycle

Those who have taken out a payday loan know how easy it is to get into a cycle of debt, and how difficult it is to break free. Magical Credit helps Canadians break the vicious payday loan cycle by offering a much more affordable and convenient option.