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Low Interest Business Loans for Entrepreneurs

No two businesses are alike, and the same goes for their financing options. One common misconception is that unconventional borrowers should accept any loan for which they can qualify. But there are many other lending options from which to choose before making a loan commitment.

Business Credit Scores: The Vital Statistics of Company Success

No matter how large or small, every business will need to have access to credit in some way or another. Good business credit scores will make a difference in the type, rates, and terms of loans that will be offered. These steps go a long way to ensure a healthy and viable business now and into the future.

Searching for a Loan Online

Searching for financing and banking products, such as loans, is a breeze for anyone with online access. Borrowers whiz through the process of finding a lender, applying for a loan, approval, and cash-in-hand -sometimes in a 24-hour period. Online lenders are alternative providers of secured and unsecured loans. And they have become stiff competition for…

Fundamentals Of A Business Line Of Credit

One thing that is true about businesses is that they run in an endless cycle of ups and downs. A business line of credit is the answer to resolving the dilemma of not having money to meet goals or secure resources when they are needed.  With a line of credit, business owners can draw on funds immediately to put out any fire that comes up such as purchase or repair of equipment, payroll or other business expenses. What is a business line of credit and how does it work?

Comparing Personal Loans

As the name suggests, a personal loan is used for individual needs or wants of the borrower’s choosing. Unlike a mortgage or boat loan, it is not approved for a specific purpose. People take out personal loans to pay for vacations or weddings, for instance. Other reasons borrowers get them are to make home improvements, consolidate credit card debt, or if money is needed for a sudden emergency.

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Types of Personal Loans

here are many types of personal loans available today which enable borrowers to choose from a wide variety of funding options. Choices include small loans from friends and family to larger loans to finance ventures such as education or starting a new business. Flexibility in lending, in addition to more financial products, makes it easy to find funds with payment terms to fit any budget.

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Business Credit Cards

Get the Best Use Out of Business Credit Cards Most business owners have run into sudden unexpected expenses and could use business credit cards to tide them over. Equipment malfunctions, an abrupt rise orders to be filled, or any number of crises can send daily operations into a tailspin. Fortunately, business credit cards and other…

Business Line of Credit in Canada - Smarter Loans

What is a Business Line of Credit?

There are several very valid reasons for a company to open a business line of credit, since there is always a need to keep operations running smoothly no matter the nature of the business.

Small Business Loans in Canada - Smarter Loans

Small Business Loans – Different Types of Business Financing in Canada

One bank or lender may have a variety of different names that they use in reference to the business loans that they offer. But did you know though that regardless of the names given they will all fall into one of four primary categories?

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What Is A Line Of Credit?

A line of credit is a flexible loan for a predetermined amount. You use it more like a credit card and don’t start to pay payments or interest until you decide to use the credit available to you. Once you tap into the funds, you pay monthly payments. You can use as much or as…