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How Can I Improve My Website?

Your website can make or break you when you’re selling products and services online. If you want to reduce the bounce rate and make navigation easier, you need to make some all-important improvements. The following information will tell you how to improve your website’s performance, so you can turn more site visits into leads or sales.

Comparing the Best Ecommerce Platform for Online Stores

Choosing the right e-commerce software from the hundreds available online may be a bit difficult. So, here, we put together a list of the best e-commerce platforms for Canadians who want to create stores online. Click any of the links to get started on a platform.

QuickBooks – Accounting Software for Small Business

As a small business owner, keeping track of your finances effectively can mean the difference between success and failure. QuickBooks is one of the best, most comprehensive accounting software programs available on the market. The intuitive design of QuickBooks is well suited to both small businesses and growing businesses alike.

Wealthsimple – Investment Solutions for Eveyone

Wealthsimple provides customers with intelligent, easy ways to invest, without charging high fees or requiring account minimums like most investment management companies do. Cutting edge technologies and diversified portfolios facilitate the best possible returns on investment. Everything about Wealthsimple is clear and straightforward; a core value of the business is gaining trust through transparency.

Questrade – Investing Made Easy

Opened in 1999, Questrade is still one of Canada’s fastest growing brokerages with the reputation for being the best discount brokerage in the country. With Questrade you can utilize a wide array of different accounts such as RRSPs, TFSAs, RESPs or Cash accounts.

Square – Ecommerce Solutions for Small Business Review

Whether you are just starting out with a new small business, or bringing an established business online, Square can help you run your business better. Square is more than just a POS system; they are a one-stop ecommerce platform. Square allows you create a website, take and fulfill orders, take payments, ship, and much more.

MoneyGram – Global Money Transfer Services

If you need to transfer money quickly, MoneyGram may just be the right choice for you. As a global leader in international person-to-person and digital money transfers, MoneyGram is trusted by millions of people all over the world. Their reputable service is available in two hundred countries around the globe.

TransferWise – Transfer Money Online Review

Sending money abroad can often be expensive and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. TransferWise is an online account that allows people to send and receive money internationally. Available in 71 countries, they are a trusted, secure, and regulated currency exchange provider.

Willful – Estate Planning Services Review

Creating a will can seem overwhelming, and the cost can be prohibitive for many people. Willful is here to help guide you through the process of creating legal documents while avoiding the high costs associated with a visit to an estate lawyer. Create your will and power of attorney documents easily and quickly from the comfort of your own home.

How Canadians Can Start Learning Stock Investing, Starting from The Basics

It would be a great injustice if we assumed that you know what a stock or stock market is because that is what we would be doing if we go ahead and define stock investing. Instead, let us talk about stocks and stock markets before we resume the definition of stock investing, okay?