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Capital Hands, a one-stop shop for businesses and consumers in need of financing

“Coming to us is a one-stop shop. We have access to over 40 lenders and that’s across all levels: from the top banks to private lenders. So, with us it’s one application, one set of documents, working with one person.”

Canadian SMB priorities are changing alongside evolving alternative lending ecosystem

As the competitive landscape evolved, however, some of the original players went out of business, new ones arrived from the United States and elsewhere, and rates have lowered and grown more consistent between competitors. As a result, the Victoria B.C.-based small business lender Company Capital found that Canadian small businesses now have different priorities.

Alternative Lender Company Capital Recognizes “Stuff Happens” To Every Small Business

Unexpected stuff happens to every small businesses. It can be an unplanned opportunity or an unexpected emergency.
And for alternative lender Company Capital, those are the stories they hear regularly from potential borrowers. One of the nation’s most successful fintech lenders, providing short-term loans to small businesses, its ability to scratch below the surface of a computer algorithm to understand its customers is what sets it apart.

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Company Capital’s Midas Touch is its Personal Touch

Easy application and turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours means Canadian small business owners can have money in their hands sooner and easier than ever

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How Fintech is Changing the Game for Canadian Small Businesses

The Fintech industry is changing the way Canadian small businesses are accessing growth capital. Lenders like Company Capital are able to help the small businesses that are rejected by the banks, by offering them a quick and easy alternative.

Company Capital is changing small business lending - Smarter Loans

Company Capital is Changing the Traditional Loan Process for the Better

Company Capital is in the corner of the Canadian small business owner, offering an alternative to the traditional loan process—with a personable element to boot. Their structure is designed to get you and your business on its way to success, and they do that by making the loan application process as easy as striking up a conversation.