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Fundamentals Of A Business Line Of Credit

One thing that is true about businesses is that they run in an endless cycle of ups and downs. A business line of credit is the answer to resolving the dilemma of not having money to meet goals or secure resources when they are needed.  With a line of credit, business owners can draw on funds immediately to put out any fire that comes up such as purchase or repair of equipment, payroll or other business expenses. What is a business line of credit and how does it work?

How to Get a Business Loan for a Restaurant or Bar

Anyone who aspires to open a restaurant or bar is in good company for sure. Worldwide, there are approximately 15 million thriving restaurants that rake in hundreds of billions of dollars annually. By some investment company accounts, bars and taverns in the U.S. alone grabbed $24 billion in 2015. This article points entrepreneurs in the right direction toward their own success.

Why Lenders Dont Approve Applications for Small Business Loans in Edmonton

Additional cash is needed to take the small business to the next level. The only problem is that the loan application was rejected. It wasn’t because the applicant failed to fill out the paperwork properly. Other issues led the lender to decide the risk associated with approving the application was too great. By knowing why…

What Factors Influence the Ability to Obtain Bad Credit Business Loans?

Like individuals, business entities can experience hardships that damage credit ratings. When that happens, financing partners who were once happy to help no longer answer the phone. Until the business credit score improves, working with a lender who is willing to extend a bad credit business loan is the best solution. Before applying for a…

Finding Small Business Loans in Canada That are Right For You

Business operations of all types of sizes need capital to expand, take care of basic functions, and compete in the market. Even when your revenue stream is taking care of most of your needs, there’s sometimes the need to reach out for additional financing. There are a number of lending options open to small business…

Questions to Ask Before Applying for Small Business Loans in Toronto

While it’s possible to manage many expenses on a cash basis, there are times when a small business owner will seek some type of outside financing. Before submitting any applications, it makes sense to ask a few questions and use the answers for the good of the business. Doing so will make it easier to…

Need New Equipment? Equipment Financing is the Answer!

Business owners seek to accomplish as much as possible while maintaining the greatest amount of capital possible. When the time comes to replace aging computers, delivery vehicles, or any other type of equipment, there are financing decisions to make. One solution that works well for many owners is the equipment loan.   This article will…

Truck Loans: Comparing the Merits of Fixed Versus Variable Rates

Vehicle loans are the one of the most common forms of financing. Terms may be as short as a couple of years or last for as long as six years. One of the decisions the buyer must make has to do with the type of interest rate. While a fixed rate installment loan is more well-known, it’s possible to secure a truck loan with a variable interest rate.

Business Equity Loans - Smarter Loans

Equity Loans For Your Business

Business equity loans have been a proven solution for funding new and established businesses. While there are millions of business ideas, each has one thing in common. A business owner needs funding to even think of getting it off the ground.

Government Business Loans - Smarter Loans

How to Get a Business Loan from the Government

Government business loans help boost local economies in Canada. One of many programs available is the Canada Small Business Financing Program (CSBFP).