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The World of Private Loans

Private loans come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for many purposes. They are termed private because the proceeds do not come from a government entity (common with student loans), or banks and credit unions (as do many business loans).

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Types of Personal Loans

here are many types of personal loans available today which enable borrowers to choose from a wide variety of funding options. Choices include small loans from friends and family to larger loans to finance ventures such as education or starting a new business. Flexibility in lending, in addition to more financial products, makes it easy to find funds with payment terms to fit any budget.

Growing Potential for Canadian Financial Institutions and FinTech Startups Now that They’re On the Same Team

Growing Potential for Canadian Financial Institutions and FinTech Startups

In recent years digital financial tools have drastically changed the average Canadians’ relationship with their money, but such innovations pale by comparison to what may be coming next.   A panel of FinTech experts representing startups, established players and traditional financial institutions recently convened at the Ryerson DMZ in downtown Toronto for a discussion about…

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How Private Business Loans Work

Countless business owners run into difficulties when they try to apply for business loans. They may be denied a loan from a bank due to bad credit, have a start-up company, or not enough revenue to justify a bank loan. Private business loans fall into a category of funding that comes from lenders other than banks or traditional financial institutions.