Refresh Financial Secured Credit Card

Great reasons to get this card for your everyday purchases

  • Easy approval

  • Low fees

  • Low Interest rates

  • Affordable

  • Free financial education

  • Boost your credit
Annual Fee: $12.95
Additional Card: N/A
Purchase Rate: 17.99%
Cash Advance Rate: 17.99%

Card Details

  • Easy approval – as a secured credit card, there’s no credit checks, just a deposit and you’re approved!
  • Low fees – Credit building shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, so we’ve kept our fees low
  • Low interest rates – Our competitive rates will help ensure you can keep payments manageable
  • Lowest security – Start where you’re comfortable and scale up when you’re ready – no huge upfront costs
  • Free financial education – With Refresh f.i.t. you get access to online courses that teach you about money management
  • Boost your credit – Using your VISA will help build your credit history and put your financial goals within reach